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The Farmer



(A). What you need to know to become a farmer?
The farmer needs to know his roles and those of the miller as stated below;


  • Provide suitable land for cane farming
  • Clear land off bushes and cane trash in readiness for cane establishment
  • Carry out Good cane planting as per recommended Quality standards
  • Carry out recommended cane maintenance through timely weeding, Fertilizer application, Trash lining, pest and disease control etc.
  • Ensure effective and efficient utilization of services provided by Miller and guard against negative vices such as inputs diversion, cane poaching etc. in order to obtain satisfactory yield.
  • Allow cultivation of seed cane nurseries for multiplication of seed cane material to be supplied to other farmers.


  • Timely provision of services such as :
    • Quality Land preparation
    • Land survey
    • Soil analysis
    • Adequate and quality seed cane
    • Adequate and quality fertilizer
    • Quality Harvesting and Transport of cane
  • Prompt payment of farmers
  • Technology generation and dissemination through farmer education and extension programmes
  • Cooperate social responsibility
  • Customer care relations such as farmer query handling

(B). Contractual MSC. guide

  • Farmer applies to be contracted as a potential sugarcane farmer
  • Msc. Confirms suitability of that the land based on:
    • Within the scheme‚Äôs maximum zonal distance of 60kms.
    • Has access of 6ms wide
    • Has less than 6% of its area occupied by rock outcrop
    • Has slope not exceeding 30%
    • Has rooting depth of no less than 450mm.
    • Authenticate plot ownership
    • Plot contingency with travel distance of less than 50m between plots.
    • Acceptable soil analytical criteria
    • Farm blocking system of 10.00 has is maintained
  • Preparation and signing of contract.

(C). Service deliver guide
This is based on Standard process for Quality Assurance in cane production and ISO documented procedures.

  • Timely and good land preparation to enable cane planting between March and October.
  • Survey land to establish actual acreage
  • Timely delivery of adequate quantities of good quality seed cane to achieve planting seed rate of 8.5 TC per hectare.
  • Timely delivery of adequate quantities of fertilizer
  • Generate and disseminate new and innovative cane production technologies through robust farmer extension programmes.
  • Provide high quality harvesting standards and efficient and effective cane transport system.
  • Offer a fast, efficient and effective cane payment system
  • Provide an effective and efficient customer relations/care service
(D). Business constraints / challenges
  • Land subdivision
  • Frequent cane cutter and cane transport strikes
  • Inputs diversion
  • Cane poaching
  • Farmer overdependence on MSC.

(E). Innovations

  • Soil fertility management through composting
  • Farm based soil fertility management to generate soil maps for specific nutrient supply
  • Deep Ploughing
  • Block fertilizer application
  • Early maturing cane varieties
  • Weed management by use of herbicides.
  • GIS for surveying and route maps
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