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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the shareholders of Mumias Sugar Company Limited that the 45th Annual General Meeting of the company will be held in Kisumu on Friday 9th December,2016 ...
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The Farmer



(A). What you need to know to become a farmer?
The farmer needs to know his roles and those of the miller as stated below;


  • Provide suitable land for cane farming
  • Clear land off bushes and cane trash in readiness for cane establishment
  • Carry out Good cane planting as per recommended Quality standards
  • Carry out recommended cane maintenance through timely weeding, Fertilizer application, Trash lining, pest and disease control etc.
  • Ensure effective and efficient utilization of services provided by Miller and guard against negative vices such as inputs diversion, cane poaching etc. in order to obtain satisfactory yield.
  • Allow cultivation of seed cane nurseries for multiplication of seed cane material to be supplied to other farmers.


  • Timely provision of services such as :
    • Quality Land preparation
    • Land survey
    • Soil analysis
    • Adequate and quality seed cane
    • Adequate and quality fertilizer
    • Quality Harvesting and Transport of cane
  • Prompt payment of farmers
  • Technology generation and dissemination through farmer education and extension programmes
  • Cooperate social responsibility
  • Customer care relations such as farmer query handling

(B). Contractual MSC. guide

  • Farmer applies to be contracted as a potential sugarcane farmer
  • Msc. Confirms suitability of that the land based on:
    • Within the scheme‚Äôs maximum zonal distance of 60kms.
    • Has access of 6ms wide
    • Has less than 6% of its area occupied by rock outcrop
    • Has slope not exceeding 30%
    • Has rooting depth of no less than 450mm.
    • Authenticate plot ownership
    • Plot contingency with travel distance of less than 50m between plots.
    • Acceptable soil analytical criteria
    • Farm blocking system of 10.00 has is maintained
  • Preparation and signing of contract.

(C). Service deliver guide
This is based on Standard process for Quality Assurance in cane production and ISO documented procedures.

  • Timely and good land preparation to enable cane planting between March and October.
  • Survey land to establish actual acreage
  • Timely delivery of adequate quantities of good quality seed cane to achieve planting seed rate of 8.5 TC per hectare.
  • Timely delivery of adequate quantities of fertilizer
  • Generate and disseminate new and innovative cane production technologies through robust farmer extension programmes.
  • Provide high quality harvesting standards and efficient and effective cane transport system.
  • Offer a fast, efficient and effective cane payment system
  • Provide an effective and efficient customer relations/care service
(D). Business constraints / challenges
  • Land subdivision
  • Frequent cane cutter and cane transport strikes
  • Inputs diversion
  • Cane poaching
  • Farmer overdependence on MSC.

(E). Innovations

  • Soil fertility management through composting
  • Farm based soil fertility management to generate soil maps for specific nutrient supply
  • Deep Ploughing
  • Block fertilizer application
  • Early maturing cane varieties
  • Weed management by use of herbicides.
  • GIS for surveying and route maps
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