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History Of Sugar Branding

Mumias Sugar Company (MSC) was the first sugar company to brand its sugar in the year 2000. Most prominent is the use of MSC colours which are blue and green for white sugar and brown colour for brown sugar pack. Currently the company has branded its sugar in the 50kg bag, 2kg, 1kg, 500g, 250g, 7.5g and 5g packets.

MSC as the pioneer of sugar branding has tended to dominate the consumers mind by reinforcing brand awareness using trade logo in communication. MSC recently launched a first in the regions sugar industry by introducing Fortified Sugar. A brand aimed at increasing the nutritional value of the brand to the consumer. 

Among the strategies used to dominate the consumer minds and trade channels has been pioneering merchandizing activities. The company has among other merchandising initiatives deployed instore, onstore, PoS and outdoor merchadising materials. Among these have been street lights, bus shelters, branded clock, mileage and directional signs.

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