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Joseph Galole Shehi-Factory Safety Officer

Safety Officer

Mumias Sugar Company places important value on safety as an aspect in its day to day activities. To this end the Company has established a fully fledged Safety team which is mandated with the daily safety issues affecting the organization.

Joseph Galole Shehi plays a pivotal role in this team. He is the safety Officer in charge of the safety matters affecting the factory plant and its environs and coordinates all safety activities in the department.

His day starts at about 5:30am. After his normal morning routine of preparing himself he arrives at the plant at 6:30am. He then starts making his rounds checking the plant and taking note of the previous night’s safety related occurrences. It is at this time, when he takes note of any incidences, accidents and requirements of both the Factory plant and the Cogen plant. He then Proceeds to the morning meeting where the Cogen arising issues are discussed and noted.

After the meeting he embarks on his daily routine which comprises of; Inspection of concern areas of safety at the factory plant and advices accordingly, Provision of first aid medicarment and safety tools including masks gloves e.t.c, placement, Inspection, maintenance of safety posters and notices and is responsible for the coordination of all safety signs.  As the custodian of safety equipment he also ensures that facilities like stretchers are available.

He attends all meetings related to Safety some of which are daily while others are periodical this include first aid meetings, Sectional safety meetings. He is also a member of the safety committee in which all cadres of employees are represented. He also represents the company in court on accident cases. He is at times required to visit hospitals on a fact finding missions incase of serious accidents.

Mr. Shehi holds the mantle of a trainer.  This he does for all the new company employees. The induction program prepares the recruited staff for there day to day activities. He also has the responsibility of training and coordination of all the safety teams which include the first aiders and the firefighters.  These two teams comprise of employees in the various sections strategically placed, who will at the event of an emergency start dealing with it before help arrives. The teams are also trained to notice and point out unsafe conditions.

He however points out that his role Is not limited to the factory alone but also encompasses the rest of the company activities for example he will go on field tours so as to understand the needs and requirements of cutters to enable the company provide adequate protection for them. He notes that his job is not the conventional behind the desk job. It’s paramount that he makes physical visits to the sites so as to understand if there any safety concerns and how they can be addressed

He ends his day at about 9 o’clock when he finally goes to his office to make the days report and prepare himself for the next day.

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