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Traded On:  18th-August-2015
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Global Trends

Mumias Sugar Company is the leading sugar producing industry in the region with a production capacity of 300,000MT annually. This accounts for about 60% of the consumption of sugar in Kenya. With an annual revenue base of KSh 14bn and a share capital worth.

The company has time and again proved its versatility by pioneering the reinvention of how business is done in the Sugar industry in Kenya. The company was privatized in 2003 opening it up to numerous business potential and has not hesitated in investing in. The Company has also invested in more efficient production machinery to increase the productivity of the plant this include the erection of a new 110 tons per hour boiler, a 7.0 MW turbo-alternator, a juice clarifier, heaters and juice evaporators, a new diffuser with associated cane handling equipment and de-watering mills. In recent years there has been the establishment of other equipment like driers, the Continuous Vacuum Pan, the Band C Centrifugals and the Scada for juice treatment.

The COMESA imposed quota reprieves given to the Kenyan Sugar Industry expire in 2012. Production efficiency therefore needs to be achieved for Kenya to be able to compete in the long term with import prices.

In addition, the Company has entered into a 10 year agreement (2009 – 2019) with the Japanese Carbon Finance Company Limited. This arrangement should see the Company receive “credits” as a result of replacing thermal production with the more environmentally friendly “bagasse” production. The Company will then exchange these credits for hard currency.

Currently a third of the bagasse produced by Mumias can produce enough steam and electricity to effectively meet the factory’s requirements. We currently produce 35 Mw of electricity of which 26Mw is exported to the national grid. .

With the review of legislation to support production of Ethanol the company is in the procces of implementing the Ethanol project following in the Global trends and with time Sugar will become a by product in the production process of the company.

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