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As part of the strategic direction for the 2012/17 plan period community engagement is critical in enabling MSC achieve its objectives especially with regard to cane development and availability.
The Mumias Sugar Foundation (MSF) registration was completed in August 2012. The company as per the strategic direction plans to implement its Corporate Social Responsibility agenda by applying best practice through operationalising Mumias Foundation. The Mumias Sugar Foundation is a charitable trust founded by Mumias Sugar Company to spearhead its community social investment project.

MSF Mission

To work with communities to deliver timely, targeted and affordable interventions that would empower them to meet their needs.

The objectives of the foundation are:

To ensure CSR is run efficiently and effectively and community activities that are driven by commercial gain are separate from hose that principally target to benefit the community.
To ensure a focal point for community investment partnerships and joint programmes with other organizations in the region
Allow for fundraising for enhanced support and value to the community
To enable employees engage themselves in communitysupport programmes and initiatives there by build cohesion and individual social contribution.

MSC has already commissioned and completed an impact and needs assessment across the cane zone to:

As a start point MSC and critical is to understand the current situation on the ground so us to develop a robust CSR plan and strategy for activities beginning 2012.
MSC engaged a team to carry out a needs and impact assessment study across the cane zone whose main objectives were:

Mumias Sugar Company has a Bursary scheme that benefits 20 top KCPE candidates every year. Of the 20 beneficiaries, ten must be children of company employees and the other ten, children of farmers contracted to Mumias Sugar Company. The students are awarded a full four-year bursary to pursue secondary education.

  • To evaluate impact of past MSC CSR programs
  • Identify focus areas that need t be reviewed in line with changed community needs and aspirations
  • Effectively contribute to sustainable community driven programs

The findings are will guide the new MSC CSR agenda who main thrust is a business approach to CSR while ensuring effective public and community participation in the CSR program with key area of focus being support to community groups entrepreneurship and income generating activities.

Key Focus Areas of MSF

  • Education
  • Health & Sanitation
  • Entrepreneurship and Income Generation
  • Environment
  • Disaster Response & Recovery

Key Principles of MSF

  • Empowerment
  • Equity
  • Relevance
  • Non-discrimination
  • Timeliness
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Partnership
  • Honesty

Foundation Structure

The Foundation is headed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Board of MSC in accordance with the trust deed.

There exists a Board of Trustees of the Mumias Foundation drawn from both the internal team and members of the MSC Board.

The Managing Director will bear overall executive authority for the Foundation as delegated by Board of Trustees. Functionally the foundation will report to Marketing & Corporate Affairs.

The day to day running of the Foundation will be undertaken by a secretariat headed by the Foundation Manager who will be responsible for execution and implementation of agreed community projects and supported by a team drawn from internal human resource and existing corporate affairs/CSR function.


MSC shall on annual basis disburse funds to the credit of the Mumias Foundation for the purpose of implementing agreed community social investment activities in line with overall MSC strategy and in conformity with identified key focus areas

Employees Involvement

Employees will play a critical role by participating in the various community projects on volunteer basis. As part of our own individual contribution to community and society at large various activities and programmes will be rolled out where contributions and/or involvement will be encouraged.

Employees can also participate as community champions for projects and activities in specific areas or involve themselves in the staff community months, staff giving days and other events that will be communicated.


The foundation will maintain open communication with all its stakeholders to ensure mutual understanding of the activities and projects.

As we operationalise the foundation and its activities, timely staff briefs and communication will be done as we progress and all available communication tools including website, intranet and printed material will be utilized to keep both the internal and external stakeholders fully briefed.

Let us all join hands to actualize our mission of contributing to a better community and making a difference both at an individual and corporate

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