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Community Activities

The Mumias Community is an integral part of Mumias Sugar Company. Being the main source of the resources that provide MSC with the capacity to operate in different levels, as a company and in the principle of giving back to the community, the Company is involved in various community activities. The activities involve the various stakeholders and go back since the inception of the company.

Apart from the major contribution in terms of  CSR projects like investment in education health the Environment and the development of infrastructure the company also involves the community in programmes aimed at helping the community at large. These include;

Cleanup exercises- With the help of the community the company employees on voluntary basis go out to the various town centre’s and engage the community in town scrub activities. This involves the residents so as to ingrain the culture within the community. Incentives are provided in form of corporate goodies to the community participants.

Medical Camps-This has become a nom in the sugar zone with MSC sponsoring medical camps with emphasis to a particular health issue. The beneficiaries are provided with extensive medical services even surgery to help heal some of the chronic problems. The Camps are done in collaboration with professional medical practitioners.

Home Visits- The MSC family being caring and giving, the employees organize visits to the various needy homes to give to the need. There contributions are accepted in whatever form they come in be it clothes, money or food. These contributions are pooled together and distributed to the various homes of the needy.

Environment- In Environment the company has in collaboration with the local Community based organizations endeavored to educate the locals of the importance of environment conservation. It also has a fully developed tree nursery which is the main source of seedlings for tree planting in the region the nursery develops mainly indigenous trees which are known for there value to our environs.

Sports Activities- The Company has also endeavored to promote sports in the region. The sports initiatives are sponsored as a way of nurturing local and youth talent and ensure that the local youths are kept busy and productive.

National Catastrophes/Disasters – The Company’s involvement in national issues is extended to involvement in helping those affected by national disasters. This may be in monetary and material form.

Fire team- Having a fully fledged fire Team is a blessing for the region. Time and again the fire fighters have come to the rescue of the locals saving property of unknown value.

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