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Our Brand

Mumias Sugar provides three sugar brands to the Kenyan market  through appointed distributors countrywide. This include the brown, white and fortified sugar in a variety of packaging units ranging from 5Kg, 2kg, 1kg, ½ Kg ¼ kg  sugar. The Company also has ventured into water production with the Mumias Sprinkles brand available in 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

To many consumers, Mumias sugar has carved itself to mean satisfaction, right price, right weight, hygiene and a quality product. That is what has been on card to help Mumias Sugar Company stand on the shoulders of other equally great companies.

Mumias Sugar aims to live on as the market leader. This is a drive that can only be achieved by giving the customer what they want, the way they want it. This move has seen innovation take place in driving sales leading to the development of customer-friendly products. MSC has developed Fortified sugar a product which is fortified with Vitamin A resonating with the need for micronutrients by the Kenyan child  and  with the aim towards an increased loyalty to the company products.

The need to sell branded sugar rather than the normal bulk is fundamental for the sales team.This is in response to the growing loyal market. Already, there is a ratio of 50:50 branded to bulk sales. It is anticipated that the move will play a critical role in ensuring the after effects of the liberalisation due to COMESA trade do not affect the market with the entrance of more competitors and cheaper products.

It is foreseen that once the COMESA safeguards expire in 2012, and the trade agreement comes into effect, liberal trade will be witnessed and a surge in cheap sugar is expected. With product branding, product identification is achieved resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty.

Brown and White sugar has been introduced to carter for the preferences witnessed on the regional front. Nairobi region has a preference for white sugar with the Mt. Kenya and Eastern regions demonstrating preference for brown sugar. This in turn gives us the right indication of what to avail to our different customers.

Market segmentation has been the reason behind the tremendous sales that have been witnessed. Packaging has been broken down to fit different pockets. We have in circulation 2kg, 1kg, 1/2kg 1/4kg packs and 5gms sachet. With a good percentage of Kenyans living below the poverty line, products to address the requirements of their market are critical. These are the fundamentals behind the introduction of 50gms and 100gms.

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